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GWA Commercial Heating

Gary Webster & Associates Technical Heating Sales

Me and my associates are here to assist:

Consulting Engineers, Architects, Contractor, Local Authorities and the Merchant Trade

In the selection of Commercial Heating Products such as:

Boilers, Water Heaters, Air Source Heat Pumps, Calorifiers, solar systems, Radiant Heating & Cooling Panels, Trench Heating, Convector & LST Radiators and Hybrid Integrated Solutions for Fresh Air.

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A Little About Me

I have been in the heating industry since leaving school in 1974.
After several years gaining experience on the installation side of the business, I ventured into sales.

With my many years of experience in both the installation and techinical provision of large scale heating systems, I'm sure I could help you if need assistance choosing the right product and specifications for your project.

I've now been in the business for over 30 years and represented some of the industry’s leading Manufacturers.

Radiant Panels including lighting in a sports hall

Want to Discuss Your Requirements?

We are happy to visit you in your offices or on site to discuss in detail your requirements and give free advice on the best solution for your scheme.

So if you are a Consultant, Architect, Local Authority, Housing Association, NHS Facility, Care Home, HMRC Prison Service, Contractor or Merchant.

Contact me on:
Mobile 07764 773435
Email: garywebsterasc@btinternet.com OR gwebster@lochinvar.ltd.uk

Our Specialist Products

We specialise in:


LOCHINVAR - www.lochinvar.ltd.uk

  • Boilers
  • Water Heaters
  • Renewables


RHCS - www.radiantheatingandcooling.co.uk

  • Radiant Panels
  • Cooling Panels


Verano - www.veranoconvector.co.uk

  • Trench Heating
  • Trench Cooling
  • Convector Radiators
  • LST Radiators


DAMVENT - www.damvent.com

Damvent design and manufacture Hybrid Integrated Solutions for Fresh Air. The Max.e Range works for every climate and every application where HVAC and 100% Fresh Air is needed. Damvent Units recover 100% of the Heat via a Sorption Thermal Wheel and then with an air-to-air Heat Pump. It is an all-in-one, plug & play, standalone unit that requires only ducting to function without the need for additional water, electric or DX heating/cooling coils as it is also a 100% DX Unit.

We also have at our disposal:-

  • Smoke & Natural Ventiation
  • Pressed Panel Radiators
  • Low Surface Temperature Radiators
  • Multi-Column Radiators
  • Designer Radiators
  • Radiant Panels

Those all-important contact details again!

Mobile 07764 773435
Email: garywebsterasc@btinternet.com OR gwebster@lochinvar.ltd.uk

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